By Lynne Nesbit  (Former Staff)
07 Jul 2014

Lynne's blog - ThumbI was introduced to each patient and had its wounds or illness explained.  Everything was slow, gentle and quiet; time had virtually stopped.  When I was taken to the isolation ward, I cried for the first time.



By Amit Kumar  (Information and Communication Officer)
03 Jul 2014

Animal charity the Brooke helping horsesFor years they led a nomadic existence, touring India with their dancing bears. Since its outlaw, the Qalandars have been breeding foals to sell at equine fairs, turning to the Brooke for advice, veterinary care and training.



By Polly Compston  (Brooke Research Adviser)
30 Jun 2014

Animal welfare charity the Brooke's research adviser Polly CompstonBrooke research adviser Polly Compston on the intense eight month preparations for perhaps this year's most important event, where leading equine charities come together to help the working donkeys, horses and mules of this world and the people who rely on them.



By Jessie Khera  (Brooke Staff)
24 Jun 2014

Jessie Ethiopia thumbBefore my trip, if you had asked me to imagine the animals of Africa, exotic creatures such as giraffes, lions and elephants would have sprung to mind. Now, all I see is small, stoic donkeys struggling under huge weights and skinny horses trotting mile after mile on long, uneven roads. 



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